Lipstick Review #1

Here it is.  The much anticipated, oft requested (ok, just one request) … Lipstick Review.  If you are a guy I give you permission to stop reading right now.  But if you are a guy that wants to know the very real, daily struggles that we gals go through, please read on. 

Lipstick.  Yes, this is one of the many struggles we women have to endure.  It’s the price we must pay for looking presentable to the masses.  I’m guessing men have absolutely no idea how difficult it is to pick out a lipstick, let alone choose one that actually looks good on us.  I imagine they think it’s as simple as seeing a color we like, buy it, put it on.  Done.  I wish it was that easy!  I don’t have trouble with most other makeup.  I can pretty much tell if it will work on me or not.  But lipstick is a whole other ballgame.  Color is only one of the many choices when it comes to enhancing the lips.  There are stains, sticks, pencils, pigments, glosses, tints, matte, glossy and that’s just what’s in my makeup bag!  There are oodles of options that I have never even purchased … believe it or not.  For me, finding the right lipstick is a shot in the dark most of the time.  Since finding the right lipstick is so difficult (read: impossible), and I still haven’t found the perfect one, this is just the first of many lipstick reviews, I’m sure.

Today’s review is actually two lip thingies.  I bought them together because that’s how I saw them in the magazine.  And why get sucked into just one lipstick when you can get swayed by two? They are both from MAC Cosmetics. The home page for MAC should be enough to tell me these products really aren’t made for me.  Some of their make-up models have include Rihanna, Mary J. Blige and Lil’ Kim.  I know, just like me, right?!  But those things didn’t stop me.  I saw an advertisement in InStyle Magazine that completely sold me before I even saw them in real life. You see, I will buy almost anything that makes someone else look good in hopes that I will also look that good (or if Jennifer Anniston has used it). But we all know this almost never turns out the way planned.

The first lip product is the Lip Pencil in Vino. The second product is Lip Mix Lip Pigment in Burgundy.  Just look at that above picture.  Lovely, right?  The “trend” was a deep red stain, not an actual lipstick.  And, since I am still in search of the perfect red lip, I bought them.  In person, these colors are just as pretty as the picture.  But on my lips, well, not so much.  Maybe if I didn’t know me they would be nice.  But since I do know me, I just can’t pull off red lips.  I really want to be the kind of person that can pull off bold, red lips.  It’s never been me, so I don’t know why I thought this would be ‘The One’.  Enough about me & how I feel in the red lipstick.  On to the actual product …

The Pencil:  It is named Vino and that is a perfect description.  It looks like red wine.  I actually like the pencil the most.  It only takes a little line, then smudge it all over.  It creates a nice stain. That said, it looks like stain, but doesn’t last like stain.  It needs to be worn for a short period or reapplied after eating, drinking, or doing much of anything.

The Lip Pigment:  This is a perplexing product.  I really don’t know how it’s supposed to be used.  The picture in InStyle gave the impression it could be worn alone.  The website says it’s to be mixed to create the perfect lipstick.  Mixed in what, I don’t know.  It is difficult to get out of the tube & like a paste.  I wore it over the lip pencil.  Only the smallest amount is needed.  It is dark & alarming for a girl who normally likes her lipstick to match her lips.  Like I said before, maybe if I was someone else this would work better.

To conclude this review … This stuff would be nice if someone else was wearing it.  Someone who doesn’t mind reapplying difficult lip goo all day.  Someone who doesn’t eat or drink.  Someone who doesn’t like fading into the background where the people watching occurs.  Someone who isn’t me …

Bible verse I’m loving today:  1 Peter 3:3-4

3 thoughts on “Lipstick Review #1

  1. I realized as I was packing yesterday that I am taking the same lipstick on this vacation that I wore 2.5 years ago on our last trip. Apparently I am in need of lipstick inspiration.


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