My Favorite Book …

Annie Downs has been doing this great series about her 31 favorite books for every young woman.  She’s continuing the 31 days by asking others to link up with their favorite books for young women.  So I figured I would chime in on this because being a mom of only boys this of course makes me an expert on girls.  Whaaat?  Yes, when there are only boys in the house, the main subject is often … GIRLS.

My favorite book is no secret to those that know me.  And I would recommend it not only to young women, but everyone.  It is Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand.  It’s the story of a man, Louis Zamperini, that not only survived World War II, but survived horrific treatment as a prisoner of war.  This book told me things about WWII that I wish I had known when my grandfather was talking about his experiences.  It should be used as a text book in schools. I learned more about that war from this book than I ever learned in history class.  But not only did it tell of his war experience but of the post traumatic stress he endured after returning home.  The PTSD caused him and his family problems that they could not overcome … Until one night when he met Christ through Billy Graham.  By putting his faith in Jesus he was brought out of his PTSD and his family was transformed.  And now how many others have been transformed by his opening up and letting us into his life?  Angelina Jolie was at least so moved by it she’s making a movie from this book.  I wonder what it told her about Christ?

The young women that I have known through my boys are smart, courageous, and adventuresome.  And they always loved a challenging read.  I think this requires a girl that is up to that kind of book.  But it also gives a lesson in our country’s history that I never received from textbooks.  It is a real life story of what went on in our country.  It puts faces and names to those things we learn in school.  And it puts Christ in the bigger picture that our public schools just aren’t able to show us.  

But what I love is how Louis continued to tell others of the transforming power of Christ.  How it was Christ that changed his addictions, his wounds of war and how through Christ it was the only way he was able to forgive the wrongs that were done to him.  These are such great life lessons for all of us, not just young women.

My favorite book for young women is Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand.

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