We’ve Got It All Backwards …

In the last few months I’ve heard things like, “I could never do what you do.”, “What makes him want to spend time with them?” and, “Why is she sacrificing that?”.  All in reference to spending time with people with special needs and caring for those with disabilities.  Most were said with good intentions.  But when we elevate one person, we lesson the other.  These statements lessen the lives of those with disabilities.

I’m going to let you in on a little known fact …  WE’VE GOT IT ALL BACKWARDS!
They are the ones blessing us!  If you want to see the glory of God (John 9:3), spend time with someone who has a disability.  If you want to see joy in it’s purest form, spend time with people who have special needs.  If you want to feel unconditional love, get out of a me-centered world and start caring for someone who depends on others to live.  There is where the true blessing awaits.
The people who are spending time with my son and others during school and their spring breaks, offering friendship because they want to, they make my heart burst with thankfulness for their love and kindness.  But you know what?  These people aren’t kind to people with special needs because of their disabilities.  They are kind to everyone.  Those I know closely are just allowing Christ to work in their lives.  And if you are a parent and this was your child with needs, yes, you could do this.  Won’t and can’t are two different things.
Here’s my second little known fact … People with special needs are PEOPLE and they know what is being said about them.
Think about how it feels to hear someone say, “why would she sacrifice”, “what makes him want to do that”, “I couldn’t do that”?  I’m here to tell you it hurts.  It hurts BIG TIME.  It’s the kind of hurt that keeps a momma awake at night thinking about it.  What about the things I haven’t heard? I have a son who can’t tell me what hurtful things people have said to him.  I rely on kind people that surround my son and stand up for his rights.  The same rights you and I have. 
We’ve got it all backwards.  It isn’t about what we are doing for those with special needs.  It’s all about what they are doing for us.  Go spend time with someone with special needs.  Get to know the person behind what you initially see.  It takes time.  Sometimes there is pain and sleepless nights.  But isn’t that true of any relationship?  Yes, you will be helping them.  But I guarantee you will be the one that comes away changed.
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NeedToBreathe “Brother”

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