Long, Lost Lipstick Review …

The long, long Lipstick Review is back! I know you were awake at night wondering where it went. So I shall keep you wondering no longer …

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
One of my most favorites … Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I wear the color Sex Machine. Nars has the unfortunate habit of giving their makeup sexually charged names. So purchasing their products can be a tad tricky. But that’s what the internet is for, right? One of Nars’ best sellers thankfully doesn’t look good on me so I don’t have to worry about its name.  I’m sure they do this to embarrass the straight-laced girls who were given the Life Cycle Library as ‘The Talk’ and who shall remain nameless. But, yes, I am quite familiar with the Life Cycle Library if you were wondering.

Back to the lipstick … It’s in my top five, probably top three, favorites. It is long-lasting without being to dry and flaky.  It still goes on creamy but isn’t all gooey and tacky feeling. It’s a pencil so I can throw it in my purse or the car and don’t have to worry about it melting all over in the summer months.  And there are oodles, 19 to be exact, of colors to choose from and find your perfect match. It comes in glossy or satin but matte is my favorite. It’s best for us girls who like lips that look like lips and not shiny disco balls most of the time. (But Nars does have that options if that’s your thing.) One of my favorite things about this lipstick is how great it is for layering with others. I can change its color from light to deeper just by what’s under it. And I still reap its benefits by wearing it on top.

The downside: At $26.00 it’s a tad pricey compared to the supermarket stuff.  But this does last me for-ev-uh.  I only buy one or two sticks a year. It used to be difficult to find and I could only get it on the website or in a mall.  But these days there is a Sephora in every JC Penney’s store, even in my little hick-town. It’s becoming much easier to buy without having to pay shipping.  I don’t always like the makeup that has a bunch of mineral oil and chemicals. I lean towards the natural products. My skin just does better. No where does it mention that this does not have those icky things. So I am assuming it does. In fact, if you want an ingredient list you have to email them. I think I’ve said it before, we ladies eat most of our lip products. So I don’t want to be eating too much yucky lip goo. “Lipstick, it’s what’s for dinner.” Bleh. But if I’m going to die from eating too much yucky lip goo ~ I’m going to die looking good in this stuff!

If you have a hot date you need to get gussied up for or if you are just running errands with the kids, this lipstick will do both jobs well.  If you only want to buy one lip product, this is a good one. So if you have peachy or yellow undertones, have fun buying that Nars bestseller as your color choice. But if you are pink like me, save some of the Sex Machine for me!  (So tacky, I know.)

On a side note: I have just realized while I complain about the chemical ridden lip products, none of my reviews have been about the natural products that I love. The next shall be just that. My all time favorite lipstick, which is not just my favorite, but natural as well!  Too bad I only do reviews about every nine months, eh?

For your viewing enjoyment ~ or torture depending on how you feel about Kenny Chesney. But as soon as Evan hears this playing he will want to hear his favorite singer over and over. And over.

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