Book Review: More, from Messes to Miracles by Tammie Head

More: Messes to MiraclesI am quite familiar with messes, literally and figuratively. That’s what drew me to the book, More, from Messes to Miracles by Tammie Head. Doesn’t the saying go something like if you aren’t in one you are headed out of one or into another? Like Tammie Head, I used to be much more of a mess than I am these days. My mess was a little different from hers but it’s still what first intrigued me about her book, More. Ours are the kind of messes that others like to hear about but also make the church people squirm a little when the subject comes up. But I love how she points out God wants to use our messes for big miracles if we don’t stifle Him. And if we don’t let others shut Him down either.

Her book goes onto share her transformation from mess to miracle much like my own. But she is quick to point out just because we find the path that Christ is laying out for us doesn’t mean there won’t be messes along the way. I’m good at creating my own messes. There’s no need to blame Satan for these, although he is certainly waiting to wreak havoc on our lives. But if we keep our eyes and ears on Christ it will be so much easier to see Him work miracles from our messes, big or small.

I expected to like this book. What I didn’t expect was it to speak so much to my daily life. Tammie has a way of writing conversationally. She makes you feel like you are a friend sitting with her, sharing in her life, and weaving what Christ is teaching her into your own life. While Tammie’s original mess is what first drew me to her book, the second half of the book is what kept me wanting More.  Here is where I have the pages folded in to go back and reread. These are the bible verses that I looked up again. I love how she says, “All these years later, Jesus still satisfies. When someone continues to love you through the ups and downs and twists and turns, it’s pretty irresistible.”

If you are interested in this book you can purchase it here. Or I would be glad to pass mine on to you, dog-eared pages and foods stains included. Just let me know if you want it!

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