Is He Missed?


Is he missed? When we can’t attend the parties, the get-togethers, sporting events, or even church, is Evan missed?  There are many times we are unable to attend so many events because we know they are just fuel to Evan’s behavioral fire. They could send him out of control and may cause an unfortunate situation. They are usually very over-stimulating for him. Just being out of his normal routine can be more than he can handle. So before we even get to whatever it is, he is on edge. He will be obsessing, asking about it over and over. “How many more minutes til …” I can admit there are times it can be convenient to have our situation as an excuse to get out of some events that we would rather not attend. But mostly I wonder, is he missed?

Fakebook you are EVVVVIIIILL!

When I see friend’s Facebook pictures of something we could have attended ~ Everyone having the time of their lives at the party of the month ~ I can’t help but wonder, was he missed? Did anyone say, “I wish Evan was here.” or “This would have been so much more fun if Evan was with us.”?

Church isn’t for everyone after all.

In my wildest dreams it never occurred to me that church would become such a difficult place. Just like other places, Evan obsesses about it. He asks all week to go to church. I bet he is the only person you will find that begs to go to church. But being there can be too much for him. It’s long. It’s loud. But then it gets him amped up and expects him to be silent. And did I mention it’s long? Evan isn’t a sitter. He’s social. He wants to stand, walk, roam, talk. I miss hearing Evan worship. His random clapping and super loud “WooHoo’s” during songs would bring tears of joy to me as much as the most beautiful voices praising God. Maybe more so. I miss his genuine worship. But does anyone else miss him worshipping our God?

“I bring you good news that will cause great joy for ALL the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

(Not just for the good musicians and those that can be quiet and sit still for two hours.)

Jesus gives us Biblical reminders that he misses us. ALL of us. Stories such as The Prodigal Son telling of how a father will come running for his son that has been greatly missed (Luke 15:11-32). The parable of the Shepard finding one sheep had gone missing. Then leaving the others to go in search of the one missing (Luke 15:1-7). But I think my favorite way that God has shown us how much he truly misses us is by sending us Jesus (Luke 2:1-20). God misses us so much that he sent us his own son.

Is he missed? I may never know. I may not want to know. But God misses us. And he misses Evan. Distracting behaviors, loud WooHoo’s, random clapping for God’s glory; Thank you Lord for missing this enough to send us your son.

Messiah. Emmanuel. Light of the World. He Misses Us.


2 thoughts on “Is He Missed?

  1. Yes, he is missed. When we don’t see Evan on Sunday mornings, it just isn’t the same. Love you guys so much!


    1. Both my guys love to see your family! We are going to try sitting in church again soon. We hope to sit near you. (We may not make it more than music though.)


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