I Read A Book! Lecrae’s Unashamed 

I don’t know Lecrae. Obvious? But as a Christian, I know Lecrae. We both are promised by God we will not fit in. We will be rejected because of our faith in Jesus. Our identity is in Christ for both of us. And we both want to live this life unashamed by who we are in Christ. I know Lecrae. 

You don’t have to like rap to like this book. It deals with many of life’s hard realities from which some Christians try to turn their heads. Look away. If it doesn’t affect me directly then it isn’t really a problem. I’m not gonna lie. It’s a hard book to read right from the start. These are tough things Lecrae has lived, no doubt. My first thoughts were that these were some things many of us had experienced. The fatherless. This affects all types of families across boundaries. Music is an escape for almost every teenager. And living divided lives is a familiar story for many Christians. But then he addresses the rest of his story.

Lecrae doesn’t shy away from revealing the life he’s endured. Sexual and physical abuse as a young child are hard things to read about. I’ve been a foster parent. I know about this stuff. But remember, Lecrae has already established us as one in Christ. A feeling of knowing someone makes this a more personal story. It’s a tough thing to know there are so many children experiencing this as if it is a part of life.

Abuse is just a part of the challenging childhood Lecrae lived. Like he says, people like me who grew up in rural America really can’t grasp this world he has had to learn to navigate. 

By the time Lecrae decides to follow Jesus he assumes, like so many of us, that life will magically become easier. Nope. It doesn’t work that way. Quite the opposite. We crawl, we walk, we stumble, we get up again. Some of us get up & run. And some of us stumble more than others in our Christian walk. Lecrae (and I) did a lot of stumbling and he shares this road as he learns he needs a Savior. 

My favorite part of Lecrae’s story is the one that seems to still be evolving. He knows the best part of God’s plan is to tell others our story. Even the tough stuff. And that doesn’t mean we only share our story with only other Christians. What good does a saving story do for those who are already saved? Jesus kept moving in the world, sharing his life. He didn’t sit with only the saved. He came to save the sick. 

Lecrae knows being in the world is a tempting place. He has placed people in his life to help protect him along the way. He continues to experience what God has promised: we will not fit in. But I love that Lecrae has learned to live Unashamed. 

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