An Unchanging God in the Ever Changing Special Needs World

Some days are harder than others. We don’t do change. You, too? And in our house routine is key. We mostly get up at the same time. We eat the same foods (cheese quesadilla, thank you very much), at the same Mexican restaurant. We watch the same television shows and go to the exact same places, on the same days, week after week. No routine equals mass chaos in our house. Routine comes above all else. We crave the predictable around here. Not everyone understands this. Some would call this special needs life boring. In fact, some people thrive on a lack of routine. Something new every day is exciting and exhilarating. A new restaurant, new church, “Let’s try something NEW!” No, thank you. Sure, lack of routine does bring a whole new level of excitement. But it’s not the good kind of excitement you may be thinking about. Don’t mess with the routine. Thankfully, we have an unchanging God.

Unfortunately, we still have to live in an ever-changing world. This world loves change. Heck, I love a new pair of boots every so often (weekly?) or rearranging the furniture now and again. Our phones constantly have a new update with the newest and greatest bug fixes. And last year’s flat screen TV is already out of date. Even our precious school schedule is invariably going to change just when we get settled into the familiar. Change is gonna happen.

What I need is an unchanging God in our ever-changing special needs world.

Psalm 55:19 “God who is enthroned from old, who does not change -“

Ecclesiastes 3:14 “I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing can be taken from it.”

Malachi 3:6 “I the Lord do not change.”

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

There will be waves. There will be storms. Count on it. When you least expect it, expect it. People will change. Circumstances will most definitely change. The diagnosis will change. School will change. Our church, pastors and those we love the most; change. I’m sorry friends, I know this special needs road has significantly changed me, too. But, in this world filled with nothing but chaotic, disruptive change … we have a God who is just the opposite.

Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. He is our unchanging God in an ever-changing special needs world.

3 thoughts on “An Unchanging God in the Ever Changing Special Needs World

  1. Yes in our home we know about staying the same ..we have our little guy Jacob ( 16 ) whose need is is stay the same , I know it can become hard not to be able to wake up and spontaneously jump in car and go on an adventure ( routine of changing him making sure he eats, meds and wheelchair placement , music: same song , dvd :same 4 movies , keep calm and speak calm ! 🙂 pray noone comes up to talk or commence yelling . and yes “Praise our Heavenly Father for this Gift of Grace our Jacob ! ” His love is unfailing and never changes !!
    Thank you for the uplift ! Sister in Christ ! Leslie


    1. So familiar. But we have the advantage of our children bringing us closer to Christ. I do believe we are the lucky ones. I will be praying for you & yours, Leslie!


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