Happy Valentine’s Day to You!



It’s no secret I love Michele Cushatt‘s book, I Am. I had the joy of being on the launch team and I knew I would like the book. But I didn’t know I would love it this much. I have always loved the way Michele writes. She holds nothing back about the tough stuff in life. But, then she always points me right back to the only one who can heal and help us through this world, Christ.

I Am is no different. It has all of the things I love about real life struggles, her struggles and Christ’s healing words. But it is also in super easy to read portions. It can be read as a daily devotion, even.

I know, get to the GIVEAWAY!! Here is what you need to do to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on my blog post  or Key Ministry’s blog (just click on these links and they will take you right to the posts). Any comment will do – something about the book, the blog or what you really think of Valentine’s Day – it doesn’t matter. It is just to get you entered. I’ll be watching and responding to get you recorded in the giveaway. (Sorry, I’m not cool enough for Rafflecopter. Maybe one day. I’m still accepted says this book!)

The giveaway closes at noon on Monday, February 13. So you have all weekend to leave your comment. I can’t wait. GO!

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