You Are Worthy, Moms

Serve as if serving the Lord. I tell myself this on those days that get really hard. Those days when I’ve been up all night and still wake to cleaning the hard stuff while administering the life giving stuff. When all I really want is to sleeeep.

Mother’s Day can be a tough one to see the pretty pictures of kids waking their moms with cards and breakfast in bed and everyone heading out for church or lunch dressed in their best. I am so blessed with a husband who sees me. He sees me every day, especially on Mother’s Day.  But if you feel unseen, know that there is a great God who sees you, on this Mother’s Day and every day.

Mother’s Day can be like any other day in the house of a special needs mom. The floors and toilets still need to stay clean. The IVs still need to get changed at the exact times. The meds delivered; all day, every day. And, this is all before any thought has been given to a shower. (Showers are over-rated.) Mother’s Day is just another day.

Except this. On Mother’s Day I remember how much I love. How much my heart breaks. How far I will go to make life be the best it can be for my kids. All of them.  On Mother’s Day I remember that I have a great God who sees this work done in secret. He sees me, he sees all of my kids, my family.

Wherever you are this Mother’s Day, don’t feel diminished by the pretty things posted on social media. Today, remember you are worthy. Worthy of Jesus dying on a cross for you. Showered or not.

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