Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This

🎵”Momma said there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, my momma said.” 🎶

You ever sit and listen to someone go on whine about their day and want to stop them and ask, “Wait. Is this about your child being up all night with an OCD thought that will not let them sleep, a medical need that kept you on your knees to God all day long, or pediatric cancer? No? It’s only a long line in the grocery store, crabby fellow workmates, a washing machine gone bad; or just a bad day in general? Sit Down. Because I’ve got some stories for you.”

I began this Mother’s Day with three nasty-grams by 11:00am. One straight out of bed was from the dog. (I swear she’s never liked me and this was her way of saying, “Happy Mom’s Day to ya’, Lady!”) All the praise hands I did not step in it.

However, this Mother’s Day I am thankful to be home. Sure, wouldn’t we all love to be pampered in a spa, by the warm ocean, with a little, blue drink with an umbrella in it? But, I think we moms with special needs our lives don’t have to think too far to just be thankful for home.

We’ve seen the hospitals. We’ve seen middle of the store meltdowns. We’ve been called and emailed by schools over and over. We’ve been in emergency rooms at midnight. Maybe you’ve even taken those life flight helicopter rides. This Sunday, I’m thankful for home.

I’m staring at (a lot of) dust right now. I have so much medical equipment I can’t find anymore places to put it so it’s just out everywhere all over the house. Dirty dishes fill the sink. But we are home. Bring on the nasties of the day. There may be days like this, even on Mother’s Day. But at least they are at home sweet home.

4 thoughts on “Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This

  1. And how fortunate your family is to have you for a Mother and your husband to have you for a wife! I love you!!!


  2. The tears started as soon as I read your first line! I have sang that song more times than I can count! Being a Navy wife with two small ones at home many years ago, I had to sing it…it kept me sane on 7 month deployments! Then, your first paragraph flooded my entire eyelids and then on the next paragraph a little snicker at the dogs “gift” but more tears as I read on…happy tears that you are home…sad tears that I know it won’t be forever… as you said, special needs with pediatric cancer will determine that, but then I smile…because you are home…with your precious and sweet family! Thank you for always knowing how to say the things God needs us ladies/moms/grammas to hear…no matter what the age or the circumstances of life, we should always be grateful we are home!!! ❤ Love to you …and Happy Mother's Day!!!


    1. There’s no place like home. No matter our circumstances. I love, and am so thankful for, the stories of your life, Mindi.
      Thank you for leading me and so many others.


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