Fashion Blogging for the Special Needs Mom #fashiondoesnttakeadayoff

Ole Reliable Nike shorts

It’s no secret, I wish I was a fashion blogger. Not because I live my life dressed like one. But because it looks way more exciting than spilling my guts as a special needs mom. The only reason I started blogging as a special needs mom was to keep my sanity. It helps to write what God is doing in my life, the good, the gross, and the stuff that takes me a while to learn. My forage into fashion blogging all started when my husband commented on my not so alluring outfit of Nike shorts and an Eric Church concert t-shirt that I may have been wearing for days. He said, “Fashion doesn’t take a day off.” But then, I discovered the glamorous life of the fashion blogger.

In my extensive research (read: online shopping addiction) I’ve learned all successful fashion bloggers are tiny, size 2/4, young women. They often mention in their sizing suggestions, “I sized up to a medium for this one.” … I haven’t ‘sized up’ to a medium since 7th grade. Or, an “XS was a little snug.” I cringe every time I read those reviews and there is always that one woman who is 5’10” and a size 2 writing, “This is a great shirt, but I am swimming in it. I really wish there was a size ZERO.” Why is Gisele Bündchen commenting on this?! I always mark those reviews as unhelpful. Because this was not helpful to my ego at all. Now I just want a donut and Cheez-its while I internet shop for my non-existent XL shirt. There is a reason when you go to buy something only smalls are left and the larges disappeared on day one. NO ONE wears fashion blogger sizing.

Enter me. Fashion blogging for the special needs mom — who might be larger than a size 2/4. Things I need to know:

  • Does the shirt ride up when I’m sitting in the church pew and the people behind me see my, well, behind?
  • Are the jeans rolling at the waistband underneath my stylish extra long tunic shirt?
  • Are the pants stretchy enough? I’m talking PJ stretchy, so my undergarments stay put when the jeans start moving south while bending over a hospital bed.
  • Can I transfer a young adult to/from a wheelchair in those wedges or am I going to be the one in the wheelchair next?
  • How long can I wear said wedges before my arthritic feet start screaming at me and I have to change into my SAS comfort shoes? (Don’t worry, no SAS just yet. But I have found many secretly masked stylish comfort shoes I’ll let you in on.)
  • Most importantly … Can I sleep in it and wake looking fresh like I haven’t worn this outfit for days in a hospital? (Nike shorts are strong competition.)

None of these important questions are answered by the internet-famous fashion bloggers. Sure, they look amazing in the clothes. (Duh, they are a size 2!) I’m here for the people. It is my duty. However, I probably won’t be spending the thousands of dollars they seem to spend on clothes. Are you kidding me? I get guilt after I buy one pair of discounted shoes on Zulily. But guilt, that’s a whole other blog series for me. I’ll stick with the discounts and sales for today.

Watch for my next #fashiondoesnttakeadayoff blog featuring an okay J.Crew shirt and great pair of comfort shoes from Earth on QVC. Yes, I said QVC! I am old.

If you were wondering, here are two of my favorite tiny fashion bloggers. Sheaffer Told Me To is my favorite. She is hilarious and not afraid to tell you if it isn’t great for a certain body type (usually mine). And she is good to the moms living with special needs in their lives. Living in Yellow is sweet and has some good suggestions, even though she is *obviously* not my demographic. However, many of her recommendations have a lot of sizing options available.

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