Shoes You Can Do Stuff In! #fashiondoesnttakeadayoff

I’m writing this as I sit on hold with a doctor’s office for the second day in a row. I swear this office has the longest phone wait of all of our doctors. It takes them days to call back, even when I leave a message asking for our meds to be refilled NOW. So, here I am, calling day after day, on hold. Meanwhile, kids and dogs are acting like WWIII is breaking out in the background. I wonder if the people who have me on hold can actually hear me and it’s entertaining them to listen in on our chaos? #pleasehurryup

I’m a bit tired of writing about all our daily chaos. I know, you’re tired of reading about the wackadoodles over here. So, what better thing to write about … SHOES! I found a pair you can actually do stuff in while wearing them. And you don’t look like you’ve completely given up trying. (Some most days I give up.#Nikeshorts)

Don’t laugh. I bought them from QVC. I know, you’re laughing. But, have you looked at QVC lately? I’m not talking about watching hours of the shopping network on the TV. On the internet, hip, young people. However, this may be as dangerous as sitting with a remote in one hand, telephone and credit card in the other. This is QVC for the almost old, not quite old, semi-old. Fine. I’m old. But, these shoes are sweet.

I’ve read about Earth Shoes for years. They are supposed to be super comfortable. But, I couldn’t ever find any that were very stylish. They looked like … old lady comfort shoes. Meet the Suede Side Zip Wedges:—Cosmos.product.A311333.html?upsh=1&sc=A311333-CSWB

Ooooh. Pretty shoes.

I went with the grey. It’s my favorite neutral. But, those red are giving me some regret now. They are a tad pricey. When I bought them they were on mucho discount through one of those legit fashion bloggers who actually get sponsored posts, #iamterrib, on Instagram. (FYI — she makes being almost old look cool.) Warning: they have since gone up in price a lot. QVC does have the option to make “4-easy payments” without a fee (all the praise hands) if that’s your thing. Be careful with this dangerous, addictive option. If you are questioning this price and why I am spending this much on shoes, well, you are obviously a babe in the woods younger than this old chic with arthritic feet. Oh, how I long for the days when I could spend $10 at Payless on shoes and never think a moment about how I was going to feel ten minutes later in them, or ten hours later. Years does things to bodies and you start thinking about how many hours and seasons can I get out of those shoes? The answer? I wore them most of a day before I put on my comfort Chacos (aka, house shoes), and I think I can get three seasons from them. Grey goes with everything … but, so does taupe, and black, and that red.

When I am a real fashion blogger I will have good lighting. And mirrors. And a clean room. Maybe.


Jeans. Does anyone wear jeans that are 100% cotton anymore? Levi’s 501s, anyone? Not me. It’s the first thing I look for – spandex content. The higher the better. I need to nap in these babies. I’ve been caught at the hospital in ‘the clothes on my back’ so they need to be sleepable, moveable, life-able.

I’ve seen JAG jeans in a couple of catalogs, but mostly it’s been their pull-up elastic waist style. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good elastic waistband. But, the style has never done much for me. Until one day Facebook found my weakness, internet shopping, and had an ad for Sierra Trading Post. They had a captivating picture of these jeans and … click, I was there.


$20 jeans, are you kidding me? SOLD. Best jeans, period. Dress ’em up, down, for sleeps, whatever. I’m finding it difficult to hold my fingers back from clicking on other colors. Maybe those pull-up jeans should get a second look after all?

Real life mess in that room. But in love with the jeans.
Jeans did not fall down when yanked.

I know I talked about reviewing a J.Crew shirt. It was from J.Crew Factory. And it was just okay. Not really worthy to make the cut here. You can see it … here. The ornamental red is a great color. But, when you raise your arms that keyhole hits right on the belly button. Did anyone actually try this on before selling it? And it’s from Factory, soooo, quality is not all that. But I hate sending stuff back if at all possible, especially if they charge shipping both ways. #ThatsYouGarnetHill. I’ll wear it under a cardigan. And no worries, a tank top will cover that belly keyhole.

My fashion blogging is on hold because I can’t shop like the real fashion bloggers. Well, I can. I just don’t have the wallet to support that habit. Until Nordstrom comes calling to ‘sponsor this post’ you’ll have to keep reading about our mishaps in special needs and Nike shorts.

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