My Favorite Things *Fashion Doesn’t Take a Day Off*

Before I get started on my favorite things of late … my friend Kara wrote a piece titled the same on a few of her favorite things. I started writing this when she posted hers of the same name. Kara writes beautifully about her life, family, and often of her son, Calvin. Go read it here –> Healing Ashes

On to a few of my favorite things. You know it’s the holiday season, so I have stepped up my fashion game. HA! Just kidding. Don’t be fooled. I’m still wearing Nike shorts. I’ve just added my Ugg boots and a polartec fleece to keep cozy. But, when I do leave the house for more than just snagging the mail, I’ve found a few things I love.

Messy Table

A picture says a thousand words, but mostly, this one says that table is a mess. Two other things here: Evereve Indoorsy shirt and Zulily.

First: Evereve Indoorsy. Because nothing says special needs mom like the indoors. If we have learned anything in this life it is we could not do outdoorsy things. Who could haul meds that needed refrigerating and wheelchairs off the beaten path to places without restrooms that are far from medical facilities? Nope. Indoors we stay. Also, snakes. Okay, mostly snakes. But, I’m gonna continue to blame my love for the indoors on my learned special needs lifestyle. You can shop Evereve’s graphic tees here –> Evereve. Watch the Evereve site and on Instagram they have sales every so often.

Second: Zulily. Those shoes and cardigan are from Zulily. If you know Zulily, then you know. If you don’t know, then maybe my advice should be stay away. Stay far, far away. It is a pit that will pull you in every time you hear the little ding sound on your phone telling you they have one of your new favorite  things on clearance. I didn’t sign up for years just because it requires an email to enter their site. I don’t know why I hesitated. Or maybe I should have hesitated longer? You can sign up for your own ‘take my money’ pit here –> Zulily.

Praise hands for the tummy hiding knot.

Almost lastly, one of my favorite lines of clothing is the Gibson-Living in Yellow line at Nordstrom. Don’t be afraid and think $$$ just because I said Nordstrom. This stuff goes on sale all of the time. (Sshh, I have even found it at the Holy Land, Marshall’s.) Most of the Gibson Fall/Winter line is this soft, fleece, not quite sweatshirt material. It’s feels like a lightweight sweatshirt or polar fleece, but it looks put together, almost fancy, dare I say. And like I said, when on sale, very affordable stuff. Find it on the Nordstrom site here –> Gibson.

That Gibson shirt hides all the rolls … if we had any to hide, of course. (Hey, my bed is made!)

Lipstick! I have not forgotten you, my love. I have found the perfect nude lipstick. Finally. MAC has come through for me with their Lustre Lipstick in Hug Me. (MAC burned me on my pursuit of the perfect red lip years ago. Not everyone looks good with red lips. Live and learn. Now I know.) The pluses: it is the perfect nude shade, it is creamy and goes on easily. Minuses: It is not very lasting for those of us who press our lips together in worry, bite our lips, or eat food. It needs to be reapplied pretty often. You can get this lipstick on the MAC site here –> Hug Me. Or at my favorite place to shop my feelings –> Ulta Beauty. It’s the same price at both places. You can get discounts at both places. MAC has a new customer discount if you sign up with an email. Ulta has points you can use if you shop there often. (But, I wouldn’t know anything about shopping at Ulta often.) I bought mine through the MAC site and got it half price because of a deal. Watch the sites for their sales and you won’t have to pay full price.

These are few of my favorite things today. Tomorrow, well, Zulily may deliver my new bargain love. Happy Christmas!

Favorite Song Today on Repeat (sorry fam): Hillsong UNITED // Not Today (That Taya knows her fashion stuff. I wonder if she shops at Zulily?)

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