Paradise, Don’t Miss This.

If there is anything Evan loved it was a good park. He loved to walk in the openness without being hindered. His favorite thing to do was to swing to that point I thought only he would truly be able to hurdle right over the top and come back around the other side. We discovered the cancer in his leg because of a fall on a beautiful, late, winter day at the park. The park will always hold strong memories for us.

We don’t know much about Heaven and what its beauty holds in the hereafter. Not much is said in the Bible about the mystery believers in Jesus will find there. A lot is said outside of the Bible about Heaven. It’s so dang hard to train our thoughts on only what God says, isn’t it?

Some of Jesus’ last words while being crucified on the cross were to a man hanging next to him. He told the man he would be with him in “paradise” that day. (Luke 23:32-43)

Paradise. Keep in mind here I am zero percent bible scholar. But, when I do my very best internet searching on the meanings of Paradise and what is behind that word I don’t find fluffy cloud homes with floating, cherubic Precious Moments baby angels. What I did find surprised me.

I am so much not a scholar I don’t even really understand the concordances that give definitions of the original biblical words. (I know, shocker, the Bible wasn’t written in English first.) Thankfully, here is where Jesus did not waiver. He chose a word for paradise that is the same wherever I look. Strong’s Concordance and others all give the exact same word as their first interpretation.

The translation for paradise? Park.

Evan’s favorite place on Earth is now his favorite place forever. A park.

This picture, it tears me up more than you could ever know. I almost don’t want to use it, even look at it, because it hurts my heart and reminds me of a joy I miss more than I ever knew I would. But, it also tells me this …

Evan loved the park. He would take us by the hand and drag us there, all over, every inch of the place. And this I know, he would want you to know the same about this park, this Eden, this Paradise, which he now knows.

He would drag you by the hand all over every inch of the home God has prepared for those who believe. He would not want you to miss the best park ever made for you. Don’t miss this.

Song on Repeat: Matt Redman // One Day (When We All Get To Heaven)

2 thoughts on “Paradise, Don’t Miss This.

  1. Remembering trips to his park, made especially for him, I’m sure. A treasured memory made brighter by this posting. Miss him so, so much but know he is enjoying the best park of all. I hope to see it with him someday.

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