Springtime Favorites #FashionDoesntTakeADayOff

I wish I was one of those women who was happy wearing the same coat year after year, or the same shoes every time the newness of spring rolled around. But, no. With the change of seasons comes a change in my heart. A need starts building deep within to find a new pair of shorts. Or maybe it’s because like a friend said — little, tiny fairies snuck in my closet and sewed my clothes up a little bit tighter this year.

Either way, I found some new loves. And I’m here to share what’s captured my heart. Click on the links to take you directly to my favorites.

First up: Shorts of the almost Nike variety! I have not bought these yet, but I am on my way soon. Why am I straying from my first Nike love? Because, pockets. Thank you, Under Armour, for knowing a woman cannot exercise outside without keys, phone, stuff. Pockets, people.

I was perusing Amazon one night. Which I do not recommend. It is a trap. Sleepy perusing is dangerous. But I did find this lovely top. And now it is one of my new favorites. I sized up because it is 100% cotton. I was worried without the stretch my broad shoulders (read: waistline) would suffer. Much to my surprise, it fits great. Roomy enough to cover all the bumpy bits. And plenty long to wear with so many things, from leggings to jeans to shorts. Order your regular size without fear.

Have you seen the Roxanne Assoulin bracelets that seem to be the arm party rage? Oooh, how I love them. But I do not love the hefty price tag. My arm won’t be partying with them anytime soon. My friend, Kara, at Root and Grow Essentials has so many good words for me. She leads me back to Christ in much of what she does. And … she has good bracelet taste. She showed me this cutie. It may not be Roxanne level, but it is Stephanie level. And that is why I love it. My whole arm can party with these sweet bracelets. And if essential oils is your thing, this bracelet does double duty. Cute and keeps you from stinking at the same time.

Speaking of essential oils … I’ve never been full on crazy oil lady, but I use them for a few things. Mainly I use them for one thing – because allergies. We can’t use candles because of allergies, so the oils keep the dog stink at bay. And now the skin allergies are creeping up, so I’m using more ‘free’ options in the laundry. I will be the first to say that the essential oil laundry soap can be pricey, and that’s what’s been keeping me from them. Kara from Root and Grow is teaching me how to make some laundry options work with my budget. So here is a better way to go allergy free and not break the bank. Here’s my link to get started if you are interested. And here is Kara’s link to laundry tips I love.

If I see a new trend and I think it looks ridiculous chances are within a few months I will love it. Which is exactly what happened with the Chaco trend. Many years ago I was whitewater rafting, or dumped out of a raft into the ice cold Montana whitewater, either way … the guide had on these funky shoes that I didn’t know what to think of. Fast forward many years and now I can’t take them off my feet. I want them all. Except the ones with the toe strangler, I only like the open toe kind. Even so, Chacos win. Get yourself some.

Lastly, I love this article in the Magnolia Journal from Mattie Gresham. She writes of a time when life changed for her. People asked her what she was doing with her life. She answered, “Nothing. I do nothing.” This resonates with me. Not because I’m doing nothing, but because of the expectations people have of what we should be doing. I am a mom. It’s different that what other’s idea of mom looks like. It’s different than it was before. And that’s okay. We are not defined by others. We are not defined by whether our clothes were sewn a little tighter each year, or if we do or do not have new shoes with the spring season. We are defined by who we are in Christ.

What are some of your favorites this spring? What do I need to know about?

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support.)

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