Fashion is Taking the Summer Off #FashionDoesntTakeaDayOff

How can I tell it’s summer when it has done nothing but rain and barely gotten above 80 degrees? Routine, or the lack there of. I used to blame my children for needing the blessed routine, but I can admit it is me. I need to get up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, eat at the same time. Did I mention eat at the same time? I like predictability. But, I also like not fixing my hair (read: taking showers) and wearing Nike shorts every day. Summertime is here and fashion has taken the summer off, friends.

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Since fashion is on a vacay, I don’t have many fashion-y things to recommend. I mean, those great Under Armour shorts with pockets in another color would be a great idea. But, other than that, I got nothing. It’s all t-shirts and shorts every day over here. Some days it’s even the same pair I wore the day before. We aren’t fancy people. Like fashion, we are on summer vacation.

Just because I’m looking more rogue than vogue this summer doesn’t mean I don’t have things I love to tell you about.

We are outside so much more this summer, so sunscreen is a must. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago I found out the hard way I am allergic to almost every sunscreen on the market. You know all those mineral sunscreen products everyone says you should be using? Even the allergist recommends this option. Yep, apparently that is what makes me blow up like Will Smith in the movie Hitch. Very unattractive. So I went on an intense search for non-zinc, yet non-chemical laden brands. I found Alba. I think their ‘mineral’ version has zinc-oxide, but not this Green Tea version. And it smells amazing.

Five baby caterpillars saved from the wild.

What are you doing with your kids this summer? Something we started a couple of years ago is Saving the Monarch Butterflies! All of them! Well, at least the butterflies that come to our yard. That is now our mission. We planted milkweed. We check it religiously for teensy baby caterpillars. And when we find those little cuties we capture them from the wild and put them in cages, I mean a terrarium, like this one. Then watch them as they make their chrysalis. Then poof! You are the parents of beautiful Monarchs you can set free into the world. So much easier than raising kids.

Summer is for books. And I am reading a good one right now. Have you heard about the Theranos company and Elizabeth Holmes? Holy cow. This is why 20-year olds should not have millions of dollars at their disposal. We don’t give them credit cards at this age. Their brains aren’t fully developed yet. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup makes this so obvious. If you live in a world of medical devices, medicine, or hospitals like we have; Bad Blood will fascinate you. Best non-fiction book I’ve read in a while.

Lipstick lovers, I haven’t forgotten you! I have been on the lookout for the perfect summer color and I have found it.

I have been holding back my old Aveda favorite in Peony for some time. I wear it only for special times. Why? Because they discontinued it. Dang you, Aveda! Why, why, why do they do this to us? Our lips are looking just fine. We go in to get a refill, and out of nowhere we get gut-punched with this news. Discontinued. Is there any worse news in the lipstick world?

Well, I finally found a suitable equivalent to Aveda Peony in Young Living Wish. Wish is a great neutral pink with a hint of shine. It looks polished without looking like HERE ARE MY LIPS. If pink isn’t your thing there are other great neutrals that lean peach, beige, or more brown. Honestly, they all look like great colors for any skin tone. Here’s my link if you want to get started with wholesale pricing to make it a little cheaper: Young Living.

Speaking of cheaper lipstick … Burt’s Bees has a great color stick that is a lot like a chapstick with a hint of color. I found mine at Ulta, my not-so-secret hiding place. But I’m gonna lay it out there for you — it was on clearance. And we all know what that means. See above paragraph regarding discontinued favorite item. Go now and buy all of them.

I don’t recommend jumping with the dog in Tevas.

And my odd new favorite thing this summer: a mini trampoline. Who knew? For years we had the kid’s version and it got us through the long winters of not being able to run off the energy outside. It was a lifesaver. Get it if you have that child whose energy knows no end. Now that said child is older, and I am in need of an exercise outlet (Did you know Aldi’s makes fake Girl Scout cookies?!), we are both getting use from it. We dance on it. Until someone/everyone says, “Stop dancing, Mom!” We exercise on it. Until someone runs out of breath. Usually (always) me. We play on it, and it gets used as an extra chair sometimes. Multipurpose, for sure. Though, I’m not sure how many calories we are burning by sitting on it rather than jumping. Either way, I love it. Full disclosure: I found mine at the local resale shop for half the price of what Amazon has it listed. It’s worth it, but even better if you can find it for half of that price.

That’s all my favorites for today. What have you found that you love?

And go follow me on my new Instagram page. I have maybe two posts on it right now. But I’m getting there! Remember, I’m busy saving monarchs. The link is above on the right under the picture of my (adult) face.

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