Enduring Parenting

There’s this duck at my local park. Everyone knows about her. She’s a sassy sort. I guess she’s a she. I know absolutely zero percent about ducks. And I am not getting close enough to this duck friend to find out if she is truly a she or a cranky old man duck. She seems like an old lady duck. She sits and waits to tell you she is not happy in this life. It doesn’t matter how nice I am, if I bring food, speak all the kind words, or flat out ignore her and walk wide around her. However she is treated she is still snippy.

It is no secret that school drop off in the morning can get a bit snippy. Every single day some voice their unhappiness either in words or eyerolls. It doesn’t matter how fast others drive or how slow, if you say hello or ignore them, or even if you think you did everything right. They come in hot and sassy.

This reminds me of that prickly duck. And, unfortunately, I have also been that sassy duck.

The hard reality is when I have been at my snippiest I have been pain.

I’ve been listening to Christy Nockels and her The Glorious in the Mundane podcast. She’s been speaking to enduring. And she pointed out that “we cannot mother unless we are being Fathered” (from Christy Nockels The Glorious in the Mundane podcast) by our God. Enduring parenting without Jesus is painful, something to be suffered through. Enduring parenting with Jesus is something that can be sustained. (See: The Seceret is Being Content for more on enduring.)

Prickly mom-ing is sometimes how I endure hard days. Take out whatever is causing the pain on those around me is an easy way to release the pain. I am sorry teachers, family, school drop-off friends … husband and kids. I have no doubt I am in need of some heavy duty Fathering to see His point of view rather than my short-sighted viewpoint.

I love to read. I like to learn all the things. I want to know all the stuff. You can be sure before this day is done I will have done a google search on how to figure out if my sassy duck friend is a he or a she. But am I enduring parenting or seeking God first to show me his bigger view instead? Am I being Fathered?

Parenting from a place of pain is no place for me to start my day. My short temper is a hard reminder that I am in need of being Fathered. Parenting from a place of being Fathered first gives me an enduring, God-view of hope in the whole picture of my child’s life.

How much pain is my duck friend is enduring? I wonder what pain others at school drop-off are enduring? How can I pray for your days to be not something we suffer through but more of something our Father will sustain. Sorry, Miss Ducky, I may steer clear of you, still.

Favorite Song Today: Hillsong Worship // Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)

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2 thoughts on “Enduring Parenting

  1. You wear “mothering” so well. Pain or not. You are the best at this and we all benefit from your “mothering”. I am thankful that you experience the “Fathering” you do. What a comfort your were to all of us who needed mothering these past years.

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