Fashion Doesn’t Live Here Anymore #FashionDoesntTakeADayOff

Maybe I should tell you, fashion doesn’t live here anymore. It was really just an overnight guest every now and again, anyway. It wasn’t like fashion hung out here all the time. Maybe we would go out on Friday night. But then she always left to go wherever the cool kids go.

You see, I’ve had a bible verse weighing on me lately. Does that ever happen to you? I can’t shake Matthew 19:21. “Go sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” I really like where Luke covers this because he allows for me to keep a really great purse. “Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys.” (Luke 12:33) I mean, a purse that doesn’t wear out; that’s gonna be a great bag.

Jesus goes on to tell us our treasure will be in heaven. You see, I learned some time ago I have a few treasures I hold on to pretty hard. One of them went to live with Jesus. So yeah, I have treasure in heaven. None of those treasures are fashion.

So I’m gonna start letting go of some of the things that aren’t treasures.

Is it difficult? Uh, yes. I really like bags. And jeans. And grey sweaters. Oh, how I love a great, grey sweater. You can really never have too many. There is the kimono, the long, the cardigan … Ugh. This is going to be so hard for me.

Does this mean I won’t be telling you about great fashion. Uh … no. I am just learning how to bring in one, get rid of two. Here’s a few new things I love, fashion and some of those things in life we love to use that aren’t fashion. (Click on the word link to take you directly to each item.)

The Military Jacket. Every good mom has one. Some days are a battle. We want to look like we are dressed for it, right? While my dad’s old boot camp jacket looks amazing, this one stretches (Yes, I said it has stretch!) a lot more. Influencers, you know who they are, are saying size down. Sidenote: saying, “I sized up to a small!” is not helpful, Influencers. Many of us are not the size of mannequins. I am here for the real size women of a certain age. Get your true size in this jacket. Or size up if you plan to wear a sweater under it. It sold out pretty quickly in the olive color. I have the black and love it. Amazon almost always adds sizes and colors back if you want to do a daily check back on the olive. You just have to keep watch for what you want. It’s a great fall jacket.

This stuff is making the rounds on all the fancy influencer sites. My initial thought was, “I think I remember Grandma having Palmer’s Cocoa Butter on her counter?” But, I am at a place where nothinggg works for my face anymore. This reminds me of the time my son and I heard a mom ask her son, “What happened to your face?!” Poor kid. But, I am there. What happened to my face? Well, Stephanie, old age happened. The sagging will not stop. Short of looking like Joan Rivers and taping the jowls up, I am doing my darnedest to not jump on every expensive beauty bandwagon ++BeautyCounter++ and trying to use some restraint. So, what’s good for Grandma is good for me. At around $10 you can’t go wrong for a product that has retinol, Vitamin C and E, coconut oil, plus many more.

Waiting for that fall weather. It’s October & still summer here.

Like I said, welcome to old lady land, Stephanie. Which also means: good-bye fancy feet. All of my shoes will now be made by S.A.S. and have only velcro straps. I’m not entirely against velcro. I do love a good slip-on. But I will go out fighting if I have to wear ugly shoes in my elder years. Even my fall rain gear is affected by painful feet. But, Dansko has come to my rescue with these Dansko Rain Shoes. They have a great inner footbed that molds to your foot so I can wear them on rainy day Target runs. And they can be hosed off if I have to feed the chickens in them. Yeah, they are a bit pricey. But, Dankso has always proven to be a quality, lasting product for me. They change the available colors every so often. I have olive. Right now you can get a lovely, versatile blue or a grey (praise hands) print.

Big injury. Tiny cut needs a wrap.

Living in the hospital taught us a lot of things. Some we may never use again. Like knowing how to access a port-a-cath or apply a compression wrap after leg surgery. However, I did come away with a couple of lasting tips that I am still using –

Like the Tempa-Dot thermometer. I had no idea how inaccurate the other thermometers were on my kids until I was introduced to these. Those ‘in the ear’ thermometers are too big to be accurate for my young child. The forehead temps were never right when tested against the tempa-dot. A couple of degrees off is a big deal when it’s 99 vs 101, right? Yes, they take a bit longer to ‘perculate.’ But, kids forget about these tiny things under the arm. You can even do it when they are asleep. Stick a handful in your bag or bedside table. Adults can use them orally. Love, love, love these Tempa-dot thermometers.

Ignore the dirty laundry in the background … that’s what I’m doing.

Another hospital life tip … Get ready, I’m about to get real with you here. We lived a way different life than most people and then chemotherapy hit and that life just got 1 in a million. But you know what we all do? Puke. It’s like that book, Everyone Poops. The same goes for puking. Our hospital gave out these amazing bags that got us through life going to and from, well, everywhere. If you know us you most likely saw us with these bags. Amazon conveniently calls them Barf Bags. They are like no other. If you have special needs in your life, someone who gets carsick, or just that random emergency; these are so worth it.

What I’m reading? Are you like me and have about five books half-way started with a stack of yet to be read books in waiting? Or do you do one book and read it all the way through until you start another? My favorite book I’ve read recently is Levi Lusko’s Through the Eyes of a Lion. And I’m working on Michele Cushatt’s Relentless. She never lets me down. I love how she is a straight shooter. And she always shoots me straight back to Christ. You can get a bunch of pre-order bonuses if you order now. Go back to her website and let her know you’ve ordered to get them.

Lastly, this Zevia Tea is the thing that makes my morning better. No sugar. No calories. No carbs. Fair trade. Organic. A little sassy caffeine punch. It is everything I hope to be in life.

Now that I’m caffeinated, my face is shiny, I have a new jacket and my weather app says a cold front is gonna bring a little rain today, I’m gonna take a few things to resale. Let me know what things work for you!


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